Visit to the salt marshes

The while gold of Noirmoutier

The salt marshes are the typical landscapes of Noirmoutier: they take 1/3 of the island.

Sabrina Bégat’s salt marsh

Sea, earth, moon and tides, sun and wind… At the heart of Noirmoutier’s salt marshes, these elements yield birth to the sea salt.
After a long natural cycle, through labyrinthine channels and ponds, the sea water delivers its white gold.
In this quiet landscape, surrounded by a breathtaking fauna and flora, Sabrina perpetuates a millenial, artisanal tradition.
A rare profession, which does not require the use of any engine.
By the hand, helped with a fleur de sel lousse or an ételle, she harvests the fleur de sel and the coarse salt, day after day.